Here are some of my favorite links. They aren't in any specific order, and I will be adding to this page once in awhile, I'm sure. - This is a cool site that my friend Carrie and a couple of other people made, and I just recently joined their team. I haven't done anything on it yet, and it's actually looking pretty good as it is, but hopefully I'll be able to put something creative on there soon! I'm Thing 1, by the way... Thanks, Nershi! :)

Crazy Fast Guy Presents a Crappy WebPage - This is my cousin Chris' web site... he's a bit odd, I'm warning you, but I still learned to love him anyway. :p J/k. Yeah, his site is actually not bad, even though he named it so modestly... :)

Matt Maldre - This is a friend of mine, who's got lots of interesting stuff on his site. Good art, good photos, fun blog, etc. Check it out! :)

: : - This is my friend Daniel's web site. It's an awesome source for all sorts of Christian music stuff! Pictures, lyrics, guitar tabs, etc. :)

TBG/COM - This is The Benjamin Gate's official web site!! Go to it! If you've heard their music and love it, you'll wanna go here, and if you haven't heard their music, go there to listen to it, and if you've heard their music and hate it, go there and give 'em another chance! - Calling all Panheads!! This is Skillet's official web site! It's awesome! Good flash stuff, and lots of cool stuff to look at! If you haven't heard their music, go listen! Rock out with Skillet! - This is a newer band, Kutless' official web site! They haven't been around that long, but you've probably heard their music on the radio and wondered who that awesome band is... go listen! Good stuff! :: Message Board - This is The Benjamin Gate's official message board at ForefrontRecords' site! It's a ton of fun, you can find out anything you want to know about TBG there, and get to know other Gaters as well! My name on there is "Thing 1," just in case you were wondering. ;) Join today! (Gosh, I sound like an infomercial... hehe)

The Gater Zone - The Benjamin Gate Fan Site! - This is an awesome fan site for TBG. Lots of good pics to drool over, lots of fun stuff to look at and to listen to. Yeah, so go there! :) - Yet another awesome fan site, and yet even MORE awesome pics to look at! Other fun stuff is here as well, so go there and have some Gaterfied fun! :p

Yahoo! Groups: TheBenjaminGate - Another message board for TBG, run thru yahoo. This one's pretty cool, although I don't use it much. Yet another way to find out more about TBG and find other Gater friends out there!

Yahoo! Groups: AdrienneLiesching7 - This is another message board, but it's kind of devoted to Adrienne. Really, though, it seems to me just like the other boards... people on this board don't only talk about Adie, they talk about all of TBG. Go figure. It's still cool. :)

Christian concerts, events & festival tickets, - This is a good site to find out about when your favorite Christian artists are having a concert near you! You can also buy tickets thru it, and you can find directions to the venues as well. Good stuff! :)


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